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My daughter has been asking me to plan a Dubai travel trip for us during summer break. We probably won’t go this year, as I’m waiting for the pandemic-stuff to settle down more, and I also am not going to book any Dubai travel during the summer – that’s just crazy! I would melt.

But she did get me thinking about my previous trips there so I wanted to post a simple summary of some of the activities available there for others who visit.

Desert Safari Life

I would definitely recommend spending at least a full day in the desert there. So many activities are available to choose from. There are thrilling dune rides where they race over the hills and make you feel like you’re about to tumble over but you don’t, there are camel rides, there are quad/4-wheeler rides, there is music/dancing entertainment, and authentic local meals. This is a do-not-miss experience.

Dubai Desert Safari / Image Source: Pepper Valentine
Dubai Desert Safari / Image Source: Pepper Valentine

Relaxation Life

For some relaxation, a day at the beach would be enjoyable as well. Jumeirah Beach is where I stayed and they had a popular boardwalk for shopping and dining, as well as beachfront to frolick-in if you felt like sunbathing or getting wet.

Dubai Travel – Jumeira Beach / Image Source: Pepper Valentine
Dubai Travel – Jumeira Beach / Image Source: Pepper Valentine.

For a different type of relaxation activity, you can visit the Miracle Gardens. This is the world’s largest natural flower garden and exhibits over 150 million flowers in full-bloom. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

Dubai Travel – Miracle Gardens / Photo Source: Pepper Valentine

The Luxury Life and the Burj Khalifa

Of course Dubai is famous for its luxury reputation, so you don’t have far to go to experience any of that here. You’ll actually run into luxury at their very own airport even! And once you leave the airport, it’s still not difficult to find. Just head towards their mall or follow that incredibly tall building that you can see from every direction – the Burj Khalifa.

The Burj Khalifa is an incredible sight. It is twice as tall as the Empire State building and it’s top floor is 154. There’s an observation deck at the top too, but I could not do that as I’m terribly scared of heights. But if you can handle the height, definitely don’t miss that view! Supposedly it is so high, that you are looking DOWN at the airplanes flying.

And don’t miss checking it out at night! They do an amazing light show on the building at night. And there’s even a fountain show to music out front as well.

Dubia Travel – Mall of the Emirates / Photo Source: Pepper Valentine
Burj Khalifa / Image Source: Pepper Valentine
Burj Khalifa / Image Source: Pepper Valentine

Snow Life

Believe it or not, if you need a break from the desert heat, you can hit the slopes and go snow skiing too! There is an indoor ski resort that has 5 slopes of varying steepness and difficulty, including a black diamond run! The height of this indoor mountain is the equivalent of a 25-story building.

I didn’t go skiing on any of my visits, I just observed the play area for awhile. I wouldn’t enjoy snow skiing by myself anyway. But I intend to take my daughter here to spend an entire day in the snow. She’ll love it!

Dubai Travel – “Ski Dubai” / Image Source: Pepper Valentine

Local Life

I personally enjoy interacting with the local energy and the residents. I like getting away from the tourist-traps and getting away from the richer target audience so I can get a better perspective on how the “normal” people live.

A good place to do that in Dubai is their Souk Markets, where the local vendors setup their small shops and you can find some handmade and unique pieces that you’d never see with a brand-name.

Dubai Travel – Souk Markets / Image Source: Pepper Valentine
Dubai Travel – Souk Markets / Image Source: Pepper Valentine

Night Life

And there is also a vibrant dance club scene at night at Dubai, if that’s your thing. It’s actually quite the party city! But there are very strict rules here about drinking and being drunk and being debauched in public however, so if you cannot behave in this particular scenario, then I advise you to avoid it. You can thank me later for that advice!

Dubai Travel – Nightlife / Image Source: Pepper V.

So that’s a quick summary of just a FEW of the activities that can be pursued in Dubai. There are MANY more, of course. And I plan to hit even more of them when I take my daughter here in the future.

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