Down the Rabbit Hole of Google Search

So we got a new kitten a few weeks ago, and what started as a very innocent search on Google ended up being WAY too informative. And yes, sometimes too much information is NOT a good thing.

What happened was… one night last week, the kitten was oddly being very sleepy. We were accustomed to it being a little tasmanian devil non-stop in the evenings, so this seemed quite weird to us.

And like we all do, I went to Google for answers and found a range of possible causes from everything’s fine / kitty is just tired to omg / kitty is dying! Thanks for all the help Google. *sarcasm*

But the REAL story is what happened next. Google had a section called “People Also Asked…” and listed out some more questions and answers that other people searched and I got sucked into it and couldn’t stop!

I couldn’t believe some of these questions like “Will my cat eat me when I die?” (the answer is YES btw) and “Why does my cat keep putting it’s butt in my face?” etc.

So I learned WAY too much about cats during that session. I feel like I know it all now.

And I can’t stop thinking about my cat eating me when I die – starting with my face! I wonder if it thinks about doing that now. I do catch it staring at me weird…

5 Replies to “Down the Rabbit Hole of Google Search”

  1. The eating me when I die thing bugs me too, though my cat’s so greedy I don’t think she’ll wait that long; all I’ll have to do is be late serving her a meal. 😂
    Hope you were able to sort out you kitten problems though.

  2. LOL! Reminds me…when I was really, really young, I watched a movie with cats. I don’t remember much, but I do remember a cat eating a dead person’s tongue. I was traumatized, but apparently not enough, because I’ve cats as pets almost my whole life. 🙂

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