Down and Out with a Migraine

I’ve been pretty useless today everyone, as I woke up with one of my weird headaches that started last summer. I’ve been checked out by several doctors and even had an MRI, and the doctors are telling me it’s a migraine.

I don’t know if I believe them that it’s a migraine, because the pain is very localized – the bottom right side of the back of my head. And whenever I research migraines myself, that’s not a location that’s referenced at all.

And I’ve tried everything to relieve the pain – maximum strength migraine over-the-counters, prescription meds, and I’ve also tried CBD. But nothing has worked to give me any relief.

I even tried a prescription narcotic and still… It didn’t work for any pain relief. I’m almost willing to try something illegal too, that’s how bad the pain is for me. But I wouldn’t even know how to do that so I guess that’s not possible either.

But what really freaks me out about this headache – is the frequency of it. It’s seriously every 3-4 weeks at this point, and it will last from 3-7 days. That’s SO much of my life! Maybe if it was more infrequent, I’d be able to deal with it better, but the fact that it’s almost a chronic issue for me now is just devastating.

So I’ve just given up. I don’t know what else to do. When I get one of these headaches now, I just have to ride it out until it goes away on its own.

I’m just, defeated.

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  1. Hmm sorry to hear about this… I had a migraine once or twice and it was not at all a pleasant experience so I feel for anyone who has chronic migraines or anything of the sort… Hope you figure it out and get well soon!!

  2. I am so sorry- sounds like you have done a lot of research. Maybe talk to a different doctor? I have no medical advice but will pray for you.

  3. I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering… The doctors are really helping are they 😒 I have a similar issue with a headache on my left side just behind my ear and the docs didn’t do anything about it..

      1. Unfortunately not yet.. And pressure with stuff going on with my work isn’t helping.. I’ll let you know if I find something that works though ☺️

  4. I hope this isn’t too personal a question, but how do the migraines/head pains fit into your hormonal cycle? The few migraines I’ve had have been associated with the end of my period when my hormones change drastically. Stopping the pill helped enormously with my first series. My GP prescribed sumatriptan too which is a targeted migraine medication and works really well if taken at the onset. I’m really sorry to hear you’re suffering, it sounds like you need to speak with your doctor and find a better treatment – there should be options and they should look at the whole picture to see if there are triggers. Good luck x

    1. Ah thank you, I’ve been paying attention and looking for what the triggers may be, but it just seems so random! It doesn’t appear to be related to my cycle. The only thing I can blame it on, is that this started for me last summer. And the only thing coinciding with last summer, is that I quit drinking (I had a BAD daily habit for YEARS) and I quit my anti-anxiety and anti-depression meds and I started exercising daily. So, I made a real effort to be healthy. And BAM – now I have migraines that keep me pretty useless instead. I’m worried that maybe all the drinking and meds I used to be on messed up my brain and I just didn’t notice until I quit it all. But I’m thinking over time, all that should improve. I don’t know, but it’s been almost a year now. I’m pretty stumped. And quite frustrated too. πŸ™

  5. I used to get migraines that last 30+ days. The only thing that has offered relief is steroid injections around the occipital nerve. Hope you are feeling better. ((HUGS))

      1. Not the eyeball. Behind the ear, near the temple and at the base of my neck. They are not exactly comfortable, but I’m down to one maybe 2 headaches a month

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your pain. I have regular migraines too and have tried everything – MRI and meds from my neuro, massage, aromatherapy, yoga, accupuncture, and even changing my pillows. Sometimes coffee helps. Migraines are just awful. I hope you feel better!

  7. I’m a chronic migraine sufferer and am currently on Amitriptyline (daily dose). It helps keep migraines away. You might want to try it. I get a migraine maybe once every four months or so. All MRIs and CT scans came back clear.

    1. Yes I DO want to try that. I’d gladly exchange my frequency (approx every 3-4 weeks) to every four months or so. Thank you for telling me about this so I can ask my doctor for it. πŸ™‚

  8. I have migraines too, and the pain is localized as well. Eventually, it spreads everywhere and feels like someone is stabbing my breins over and over again. I used to have them so often but then I consulted a neurologist about them and she gave me a few simple tips to avoid migraines: my migraines are triggered by environmental factors (too much sunlight and heat) and by certain controllable factors (what I eat, how much TV I watch, etc.). Currently, the foods that trigger my migraines are cheese, too much chocolate, anything with MSG in it, etc. Just try to figure out a proper diet for yourself and I’m sure you’ll get better. Hope this helps.

      1. I haven’t tried that shot yet, but I’m willing to try anything at this point. What kind of a doctor will give that shot? Is it a specialty, or will a general practice doctor or a shot nurse have it?

    1. Hmmm, this is actually very thought-provoking for me. I’ve been paying ALOT of attention to my alcohol and caffeine intake and I’ve eliminated those as triggers. And I don’t have a taste for cheese or chocolate, so I’m not worried about those either. BUT, the MSG!!! I am going to have to investigate that one. I do have salt cravings (salt is my vice) and I haven’t yet tried to associate it to my headaches, but now I will to see if there is a relation! Thank you for this insight!

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