So on Tuesday my daughter got the green-light from the doctor to ditch her walking boot so she’s stepping on her own foot now for the first time since January!

And, she’s in pain again.

Dang it!

We were so hopeful because once the surgery-related pain subsided, she’s been pain-free in her foot even once she started running around everywhere in her walking boot.

And starting yesterday she’s been hobbling and limping bc her foot hurts so bad. I know I need to wait a little while for her foot to acclimate to being used again with no support, but dang I’m disappointed and discouraged. My daughter is too. And I’m so scared that the surgery didn’t even work or made things worse!

And to top it all off… starting Monday my daughter has been suffering from her severe vertigo episode again. So she’s getting hit with a lot right now and I hate seeing her feeling so incredibly unwell. Literally, from her head to her toes.

I tried to cheer her up by ordering a TON of birthday party decorations for her party coming up next weekend (April 9) and she was feeling so unwell she never even cracked a smile.

I just want this all fixed.

I hope she feels better in time for her party too. We already sent out all the invitations. :(

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  1. Ah man. That is so hard. Nothing is more heart breaking than watching your kids go through such hard things. Hoping and praying she feels better soon.

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