Different Moving Styles and Moving Solutions

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I last moved homes about 9 years ago, and I am naturally stressed-out by events like this.  I’m definitely the type to overthink and freak out about all the decisions that need to be made when making such a big move.

See, I definitely use moving as an opportunity to rid myself of all the things I no longer need.  Because I realize that if I take the time and effort to pack it, then I also have to take the time and effort to UN-pack it too. I feel that it would be completely wasteful to move items that won’t fit or even be used in the new home.  So this is a big deal to me. 

But it’s also very difficult to mentally determine the usefulness and placement of every single item in a household.  One of the easiest way to determine this however, is if you had to dig it out of some hiding hole and wipe all the dust off of it. When you find items in that condition, it’s a pretty safe bet that you won’t be needing it again any time soon.  Same scenario when you find any broken items or expired items, as well as items you’ve completely forgotten about and never even missed.  Leave those behind!

Unfortunately, my husband is the complete opposite however (of course he is, if you’ve been following my blog). He doesn’t stress out too much about moving because he is the type to pack everything in sight, and then figure it all out later. Luckily for him, the person who actually has to “figure it all out later” is me.  He’s actually very comfortable living among boxes and packed items forever, until I can’t stand it anymore and actually start putting everything away.

What an easy gig for him. 😉

So my preference is actually to pack only the items that are needed or useful, and then purge everything else via garage-sales, moving-sales, donations to charities, or trash if that’s where they belong. That’s definitely how I’d prefer to handle any move and I can guarantee that AT LEAST 50% of our belongings would be gone if it were all up to me.

Too bad I get veto’d by my husband and we do things his way. So we moved EVERYTHING.

When we last moved 9 years ago, I had an infant too. So the main reason we moved was to gain an extra bedroom/bath as well as to secure a home in safer location with a good school system.  With the infant, I couldn’t help very much with the packing and organizing because… well, you know… infant.

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So we really needed a moving service that could pack all our items for us too. The good news is that there are quality moving companies out there that can do this, which was the biggest help of all during this time! Because if left to my own devices, this would literally take me weeks to do on my own.

And Moving Solutions is one such company that offers this. And when you hire people to handle your personal furniture and belongings, you’ll want to ensure they have the proper experience, certifications, and a positive reputation so it’s very reassuring to see their reviews and testimonials on their website before you book.

This particular company also offers a variety of services including long-distance moving in Nashville, commercial, and even just labor only! They can help you move to and from anywhere in the United States. You’ll feel extremely comfortable with this group of professionals.

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Another thing I like about their website, is all their moving tips on their blog! Because we all love blogs anyway, right? So whether or not you actually hire them to move you, they have amazing tips and insights into some best practices when it comes to moving: such as packing tips, how to make moving easier, how to pick a professional moving service, and my personal issue I already mentioned above – how to get rid of unwanted items during a move.

Some other services they offer which could come in handy even if you are not making a big move to another home, is their internal furniture moving, furniture assembly, climate-controlled storage, vehicle-shipping, home staging, and their delivery services. 

For final tidbits about Moving Solutions, they are located in Nashville TN and they offer long-distance moving service all over the United States.  They also donate 10% of every move to businesses affected by Covid-19. They also offer discounts to the military, police, first responders, nurses, teachers, and seniors.  I appreciate what they are doing for their community.

So definitely check them out when you are in need of their moving or other services, and also check out their blog for all their moving tips and advice too…

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