Christmas Gifts You Don’t Like

What do you do when you receive a Christmas gift you don’t like? I usually try to return them or re-gift them, unless the gift is from my mom bc her feelings would be hurt tremendously if I ever did any of those things to a gift from her.

The only proper reaction to a gift from my mom is to proudly display it in your home. Just like I’ve done with her colored-egg gift from last Christmas. It’s in my china cabinet.

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It does make me crazy that it doesn’t match anything in my china cabinet, but then again, it really won’t fit in anywhere else either. What would you do with it in my situation?

This is the time of year when I start dreading the whole gifting thing. Lol, especially the gifts from my mom bc those are always the worst! I’m definitely not a gift person. I actually don’t mind giving gifts, I enjoy that. But I kinda HATE receiving gifts. Is that weird?

Whenever anyone asks me what I want for Christmas, it’s never an object or a thing that can be bought. I’d want them to accompany me to dinner or to drinks or to join me on a little trip somewhere. I’d appreciate that so much more than an item that I just end-up re-gifting to someone else anyway, or stowing away somewhere and forgetting about it.

I don’t know. I’m being a weirdo about gifts, I guess. 🙁

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    1. Oh I’m a big fan of re-gifting too. But I try to hide the fact that it is a re-gift when I do it. If I’m worried it’ll be discovered that it’s a re-gift, then I usually avoid doing it. 🙂

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