Household Repair Challenge

So yesterday, 2 things happened at the house: the microwave died and then the laundry room lights went out. Weird how they happened around the same time though.

I told the hubs about both yesterday. He said he’d take care of it. The only thing he’s done about either issue so far, is that he got out the step-ladder last night and removed the lightbulb cover in the laundry room. And that’s it.

Lol, now here’s the challenge part: how long will it take him to actually take care of BOTH issues? I don’t have a prize for the winner, but thought it would be interesting to see what people think of the situation. Can you all relate?

He does have today off work too, so this is literally a 3 day weekend for him.

I’m not going to poke or nag at him to do it so that won’t be a factor. I even hunted down all the paperwork and owner’s manual stuff for the microwave to help him out.

Some background info… he does have a tendency to put-off stuff like this forever, and never do it until I can’t stand it anymore and have a breakdown. But I’m going to do my best to control myself here and see how long his natural tolerance for household items being broken is…

So what do you all think? And, I’ve never done a poll before so I hope this works!

How Long Until Both Issues are Fixed?

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So Close to Freedom! (Another Update Post)

Oh gosh everyone! My husband finally went back to the office for work in June! And that made me so happy because I was going nuts with him at home with me 24/7. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to the college kid leaving for campus in just 2 more weeks too, so there’s been so much enthusiasm for life from me!

I’m only 2 weeks away from having my home all to myself for a few hours every day! Wooooo! If you’d like a refresher of all this older news, you can view this previous post: So Close to Freedom! (Update Post) – Pepper Valentine

But now there’s new news. And I’m not very happy about it.

I guess because the covid cases are starting to rise again in my local area, my husband’s office is now mandating masks for everyone (vaxx and un-vaxx) starting Monday.

My husband is now going to leverage this news, to make his office allow him to work from home again. His position is that if it’s so risky that everyone needs to wear masks to work, then it’s so risky that he should stay home to work. And he’s really going to push them to let him work from home again.

I’m so upset by this. I haven’t had my home to myself since March 2020. And that’s too much time for me (a natural introvert and loner) to not have space and/or time to myself at all. I’m only 2 weeks away from having this finally, after waiting for so long! Don’t take it away from me!

Also, IF lockdowns happen again (which I’m hearing rumors of but I hope not), and IF layoffs happen again, then I don’t think my husband should be the squeaky wheel so much right now. I think he’s playing Russian roulette with his job. And this is such bad timing for that, as I don’t feel secure maintaining our lifestyle with a single income. Plus, MY job is vulnerable to layoffs too. So it’s very possible that BOTH of us could become unemployed.

Ugh. I’m so upset. I hope his work says “No” to his demands, and that they don’t hold it against him later. I wonder what’s going to happen!

What We Believe In

Thank you so much to Bill at the blog “A Silly Place” for inviting me to contribute to his post on things we believe in.

I just finished reading the other 9 contributions and I feel so inspired now by their words – ranging from the power of laughter, and the value of not wasting any time, and so much more! Definitely check out the complete post here if you want to read for yourself, as I certainly recommend it. These writers are fabulous wordsmiths.

Just speaking for myself, I had a difficult time coming up with a specific thing I believed in that wasn’t political or controversial, as I’m not interested in angering people. Lol, I want folks to like me darn it!

So I ended-up focusing on the big Simone Biles news from last week instead. Basically, I felt that she got alot less support from the public than she deserved bc her issue was mental instead of physical. And now I wonder if people who need help with their mental health don’t pursue that help because of a perceived lack of support in general. What do you all think?

Anyway, definitely stop by Bill’s round-up post of the things we believe in here. And I wish you all a great Friday evening!

Has Covid Changed How You Handle Finances?

If anything, covid has made me feel incredibly insecure. About my life, my relationships, my friendships, my home, my health, my career, and my finances. Insecure about everything, really.

I have a generalized fear now that any or all of the above can be taken away from me at any time. With no warning or sufficient time to prepare. I used to believe that I had some form of control over all that, but no longer.

I realize that I’m incredibly fortunate that neither me or my husband lost our jobs during covid. We didn’t lose our income and I feel like we shouldn’t squander or waste such a blessing.

So I’ve been saving as much as I can and it’s been accumulating quite fast since we aren’t travelling, socializing, eating out, or spending as much as we used to prior to covid.

And it’s accumulated to the point where we need to make a big decision soon. We have no debt except for our mortgage. And we’ve had our mortgage long enough (forever!) that we only have 8 years left on it.

Prior to covid, I would have easily decided to take such savings and invest it in order to create a new income stream.

However, my new covid fear is making me want to pay off the mortgage instead. Because I’m so worried that one or both of us might lose our job, and then not being able to afford the mortgage anymore would jeopardize having a safe and comfortable home.

But on the other hand, since I’m so worried about one or both of us losing our job, then having an extra income stream might alleviate some of that fear. And I only have to power-through my fear for 8 more years anyway, as the mortgage would be paid off by then.

And at the same time, this insecurity is also pressing me to not touch those savings at all. Because if we do lose our jobs, then we’ll need those savings to pay all our bills and survive until we find another job, which could be months or years!


So I don’t know what to do.

Do you all worry about this stuff too or am I being a weirdo? I’m just scared overall. And I’ll continue to be scared no matter what I do.

1 Year Blog Anniversary!

Yesterday was my 1 year blog anniversary! Holy smokes, the time has just flown by! Seriously. Yesterday was also my birthday, but that’s besides the point as I’m much more excited about my blog instead.

I’m quite impressed by how far this blog has come in a single year. I started off as a complete newbie. And learned mostly everything via trial-and-error. I’m kinda proud that I’ve pulled it off and that I’m still hanging in there.

I’m mostly happy that I’ve found several folks now that I would consider my friends. I was so lonely when I started this blog. I had been working from home, and had no reason to ever leave my house again except for errands. And I was sad that I had lost touch with all my real-life friends. And now I feel like I have friends again. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you for that.

My first blog post was July 6 2020 and the link to it is here. Lol, and absolutely nobody saw it or read it or commented on it. We all know how that goes, right?

When I started this blog, I had no idea if it would last this long, or how it would evolve. But, it’s still growing and evolving and I’m excited to see where it’ll go next! See you all next year! Same time, same place! 🙂

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I Miss Having a Best Friend

Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ve been without a best friend ever since covid happened. That’s a long time to be without one. And I do believe that the absence of this person in my life is one of the biggest contributors to my negative mindset lately.

The reason why covid interrupted our friendship, is that work was the major facilitator of our friendship. We met for lunch at least twice a week (sometimes more) and then we met for happy hours after work at least once a week (also, sometimes more).

We used to work in close proximity to each other so this arrangement was incredibly convenient. We do not live in close proximity so we’ve only seen each other twice within the past year and it was an effort to coordinate.

But we used to talk about everything during these times! Every miniscule detail of our lives, we shared with each other. We laughed together, got angry and sad together, and gave each other support and advice. I never realized how significant this friendship was to me until it was gone.

And it’s gone now bc we both have to work from home, where there is no longer any privacy for us to chat with each other like we used to. For example, I can no longer confide in her any difficulties with my family and have her support me through it, when my family is literally at home in the same space with me all the time. And vice-versa.

So I do have that void in my life now. And it’s sad and lonely here.

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My Scary Experiences with Sleep Paralysis

Has sleep paralysis happened to any of you before? Where you are asleep. You start to vividly “see” and “hear” things in the dark that make you want to move. But you can’t move. You start to panic about not being able to move. You try to turn away. You try to scream. But you can’t. You are literally frozen. And scared to death. And just when you think you can’t take it anymore… you finally physically break free. Shaking and sweating. And those sights and sounds are finally gone.

This actually happens to me. Not all the time, thank goodness! Maybe about once a year. I’ve googled it before and it’s officially called sleep paralysis where apparently you are partially awake while dreaming. Your brain is awake but your body is still locked in it’s dream-state which prevents you from physically acting out your dreams.

This blog post from “The Strange Ways” by Lenny Wall describes this experience much better than I can, and even includes the scientific and paranormal explanations of it. So definitely check it out if you want more information.

But that specific post got me thinking… My experience with sleep paralysis is always scary!

It’s always a demonic entity whispering to me. I never understand its whispers. I can see it slowly approach me. Sooooo freakin’ slowly. And the whole entire time I watch it approach me, I am frozen. Not able to move or scream, even though I am violently attempting to do so. And at the very end… when it’s at the closest possible point… it JUMPS at me! And THAT’S when I finally wake up!

And all the movies/stories about this are also always scary! The most recent movie I watched featuring sleep paralysis was “Mara” on Netflix and holy cow it freaked me out! Definitely don’t watch it unless you love horror movies.

But my major question is… Why is this experience always scary? Why can’t I be stuck at an all-you-can-eat buffet? Why not be stuck in bed with Zac Efron? Why not be stuck at Target with a $10,000 gift card? Why does FEAR make this happen?

What do you all think? Have you experienced this as well?

P.S. I can’t believe I posted this at bedtime. Now I’m thinking about it. Wish me luck tonight!

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