My Luxurious First Class Boeing Dreamliner Flight

I was lucky enough to find myself on a Boeing Dreamliner flight in 2019 due to a business trip, from Los Angeles to Beijing. I was even luckier to find myself in 1st class seating too! That never happens to me, except I was travelling with executives that were absolutely MORTIFIED that they would be in the same company as an employee in Economy Class and they made me change seating at the last minute.

I was ok with that.

I went online to look-up some facts I could share with you about this plane, and I found that Boeing actually encourages people to post their stories about flying on this aircraft, and to use the hashtag #Dreamliner. And the most recent posts appear on their official Boeing Dreamliner site! I’m going to try exactly that when I promote this post on my social media, and then I’ll stalk their website to see if my post appears there. It’ll be so cool, if so! If you have a story to share about your Boeing Dreamliner flight, you should try it too!

So I don’t have a photo of it, but the seats recline almost flat so this is the ONLY flight I was able to fall asleep on. I definitely cannot sleep on a flight otherwise. And I’ve tried absolutely everything I can think of to fall asleep on an overnight flight. I’ve tried alcohol, sleeping pills, sleep deprivation ahead of time, etc but nothing has worked until I experienced these reclining seats. Brilliant. My problem must’ve been positioning, because I had no problem at all on this flight.

One really cool thing that I’ve never experienced before, was their windows! You control how much light they let in! But there aren’t any physical shades to pull down. You have a magic button that gradually allows light in or not, just like a dimmer switch. But on the window. I was obsessed with this feature when I first discovered it, because I could not figure out how in the world it worked. I didn’t call it a magic button for no reason.

Another thing I appreciated about being in first-class on this flight, was the unlimited alcoholic beverages. It just really helped to relieve the boredom a little bit and also helped to relieve the physical confinement of being in a small space for such a long period of time.

And the meals were pretty good too. I’m not sure how they were prepared, but they didn’t taste like the normal microwaved meals that I usually have on airplanes. I actually enjoyed these meals. And you cannot minimize how much of a difference it makes, to actually have a tray large enough to fit everything comfortably. It’s stressful having to balance your entire meal on a crammed tray that is too small. So I was incredibly delighted to not have that problem finally.

And I watched a TON of Zac Efron movies too. Some more than once. Some of his movies I paused and rewinded several times. I think his movie that I watched the most was “Baywatch” and “17 Again”. I like the no-brainer movies when I’m travelling, because I have a hard time concentrating while I’m flying for some reason so anything that requires brain power for me to follow-along just doesn’t work for me.

But I digress. It truly is a beautiful plane and their first-class experience was quite impressive for me. Have any of you been on one yet?

Boeing Dreamliner Flight / Image Source: Pepper V.
Boeing Dreamliner Flight / Image Source: Pepper V.
Boeing Dreamliner Flight / Image Source: Pepper V.
Boeing Dreamliner Flight / Image Source: Pepper V.
Boeing Dreamliner Flight / Image Source: Pepper V.

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  1. I’ve not but I fly the Airbus A350 – both have bodies made from carbon fibre which allows for a lower cabin altitude. This makes a big difference for both comfort and sleep. Of course being in first class does the same 😂

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