7 Things to do Instead of Watching the SuperBowl

What are you all planning to do during the SuperBowl? I’ll be doing at least 1 thing out of my list of “7 Things To Do Instead of Watching the SuperBowl” tomorrow night.

I’m not going to watch it because it just doesn’t interest me. Lol, I don’t even enjoy the commercials or the half-time shows. Am I weird?

My additional problem is that my regularly-scheduled programming for Sunday night is “90 Day Fiance” and they are NOT airing a new episode tomorrow night so now my routine is totally ruined. And I love my routine.

So I’m sitting here now and trying to create a list of things to do instead of watching the SuperBowl tomorrow:

  1. Watch a movie. I spent some time this afternoon searching cable TV for a free movie that I could go ahead and record now, and then watch later commercial-free by fast-forwarding. I did find a couple Lifetime movies that I haven’t seen yet and I’ve recorded them so I’m ready tomorrow night if I need them.
  2. Meal-Prep. I can go ahead and cook a family meal for Monday night or Tuesday night during the SuperBowl. And then I can easily re-heat them later in the next couple of days. If I do that, I’ll have to decide on a recipe soon because I still need to buy groceries.
  3. Blog or Blog-Related Social Media. This actually might be the option I choose for myself. I do have difficulty finding the time to dedicate to my blog, so I might spend tomorrow night catching-up.
  4. Laundry. Lol, yes you read that right. I’d rather do laundry than watch the SuperBowl.
  5. Pick-Up the House. I always put-off this task at home because I live with monsters that leave all their stuff out and never put anything back where it belongs. To give you an example of how out of control they are… they don’t even SHUT cabinets they’ve opened. Monsters, lol. So no matter how hard I try to keep the house straight, it just feels like a futile effort for me. I’m so defeated. But maybe while they’re distracted with the SuperBowl, I can enjoy a few hours of organization.
  6. Catch-Up on Some Friendships. I could initiate some text conversations with friends I’ve lost touch with during the pandemic. If they reply back, I’ll be able to engage and catch-up with them. If they don’t reply back, it’s ok. At least I tried.
  7. Taxes. I think all my 2020 statements and W2s have finally arrived in the mail, so I technically could do this. But I really don’t want to. Lol, I’ll be really desperate tomorrow night if I end-up doing this. Maybe I’ll just prep for it or something.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll find someway to keep busy, and find things to do instead of watching the SuperBowl. What will you be doing tomorrow night? Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy it! πŸ™‚

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  1. I always watch the Super Bowl. I’ve even gone to one in person. I used to have a Super Bowl party but the last few years we haven’t had polls over. This year I will be watching mostly alone. My wife will be here but probably distracted by other things

  2. Normally, I watch the Super Bowl, because even if my team isn’t in it (which has been every Super Bowl but two of my adult life, although the team in question was pretty consistently good in my younger years), I still have fun watching the commercials, and usually I can at least find a reason to be for one team over the other.

    This year, though, I’ve been boycotting pretty much all sports for the last year or so, for a variety of mostly unrelated reasons. I haven’t watched one minute of football this year, and seeing last year’s champions vs. Tom Brady yet again certainly isn’t enough to pique my interest. So I’ll be doing a combination of napping, eating, reading, old video games, and wasting time on social media, just like every other Sunday afternoon and evening.

    1. I totally get it. I used to be able to enjoy professional sports as well, usually because I’m gambling $5 on the outcome. But it’s become really soured for me lately. I like my sports to be a form of escapism. So when they always interrupt the gameplay to remind me of a political or social issue (which I LIVE daily, I don’t need the reminder thank you very much) then it’s ruined for me. It’s supposed to be an escape. I hope you enjoy your normal Sunday evening then! πŸ™‚

  3. I am right with you! I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and halftime show. When I have gone to Super Bowl parties, it is to spend time with good friends. But watching grown men chase a ball while giving each other brain damage is not my idea of entertainment!

  4. Will be watching the Puppy Bowl for sure and I will watch the Super Bowl with hubby, only for the commercials, half time show and making snacks. We don’t even like football but it’s a fun day together

  5. Love your list! We are going to brother In laws and on my list of not watching include
    1. Eating all the chips and dips while everyone watches
    2. Play with the kids
    3. Walk in front of the t.v to make everyone get mad
    4. Make a pretend black out
    5. Sleep on the couch while the game is on

  6. This is funny. And yes, I can find something to do instead of SuperBowl too: reading, beauty face mask, play with cats, watch movies and etc.πŸ˜€. Enjoy rest of your weekend!

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