7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Minimalist Mom

Christmas is only a couple weeks away! Do you have a minimalist mom in your life? Still need some quick and easy Christmas gift ideas for her?

I think I’m quite close to being a minimalist as far as how I prefer my lifestyle. My family doesn’t necessarily cooperate with that, but my preference is definitely a “less is more” approach. But I don’t dislike gifts. I only dislike gifts that I won’t actually USE. So if I’ll use them, then they’re perfect.

As far as what the ideal gifts for the minimalist mom would be, I came up with a list of 7 things I would definitely enjoy to receive as gifts for Christmas. PLUS, they’re relatively easy to pull together quickly. See below…

  1. Portraits! I have a shortage of actual photos of me WITH my child. Since I’m usually the one taking all the snapshots of my family in all their glory, I don’t have anyone that will take photographs FOR me so I can be in the picture too. So arranging photos that mom can be in too would be a great gift. And this doesn’t have to be professional either. Just clean-up the children and comb their hair, BRIBE them with something so they’ll actually smile in the photograph, and take cute pics of the kids with their mom. So easy! And also so rare!
  2. Experiences. This would be great if there’s an upcoming concert in the area, or if there’s a class in town that she’d enjoy. There are classes for everything now! Register her and a few of her friends for an in-person cooking class, baking class, painting class, etc. With friends to accompany, these end-up being very fun (especially if you can bring snacks or alcohol)!

  1. Food and drink. I do love to eat and drink! Feed me! Making a reservation at a nice restaurant would be a good idea. Also, food baskets make great gifts. I’m also thinking about wines, alcohols, etc. Because even if I don’t eat and drink them all myself, I’ll be able to use them when I have guests at my home or I can bring them with me when I visit someone else’s home. Win-win!
  2. Gift Certificates and Gift Cards. These are pretty awesome gifts for the minimalist mom – or for ANY mom to be honest. We all love gift cards like crazy. Especially if it’s for something I have to buy anyway, because in that case it actually SAVES me money!Gifts for the Minimalist Mom
  3. Subscriptions and Upgrades. Ok, this is something I would never spend money on myself, but if someone else would like to spend money on it instead, then I would definitely take advantage and enjoy tremendously. I’m thinking mostly about tv subscriptions here – like for Hulu, or Discovery+ which I don’t have at the moment. Upgrades are almost the same as subscriptions. But I’m thinking here, like an upgrade to my cable tv package to get more channels. Or, once travel picks-up again… upgrades on airline memberships and hotel memberships. The perks are amazing! You can get free alcohol, special lounges, extra space, larger rooms, etc. I would never actually splurge and spend my own money on any of that… BUT, as a gift… I’d love it!
  4. Services. So if you really want to BUY something for someone that doesn’t enjoy clutter or more traditional gifts, how about a service? This can be a hair/face/nails salon service, or even a home service such as carpet steam cleaning or a deep-cleaning from a maid service.
  5. Self-Care Baskets. This would be so easy to put together yourself if you know this person very well. What do they enjoy most for themself? And whatever that answer is… just put it all in a nice basket. It can be a miscellaneous collection of alot of their favorite things such as lotions, fave snacks, lipglosses, bath items, etc and they’ll love it. One of the best gifts I ever received was a basket with a romance novel, raman noodles, cookies, and a Britney Spears tumbler and I loved it because they KNEW me. The randomness didn’t matter.

7 Gifts for the Minimalist Mom

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been able to come-up with as gifts I would enjoy. So hopefully these ideas for gifts for the minimalist mom will help you out if you have one in your life.

What do you all think? I am missing something that a minimalist mom would like?

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3 Replies to “7 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Minimalist Mom”

  1. This speaks to me in volumes. Everyone on your list is spot-on! I’m a minimalist mom too. Basically anything that I can consume is considered a gift I will use… anything that collects dust and serves no true purpose is not. I often end up with crap I don’t need, want, or use.

    What do you do with handmade gifts from your kids? I get so much of my daughters’ crafts and feel guilty for throwing her stuff away.

    1. So cool that you understand where I’m coming from! Most of my family is the total opposite from me (“Buy me ALL the things!!!”), so I’m a weirdo to them! I’m glad me and you have this in common.

      Oh my gosh! I should do a complete post about your question about handmade gifts from kids! I am VERY passionate about this topic because I’m obsessed with “collecting” everything my daughter has ever made. I am very sentimental about my daughter and want to cherish all her crafts. But honestly, none of that stuff will stand-up to the test of time – they’ll fade, tear, crack, break, etc… So what I’ve done, is I’ll display her crafts for a few months someplace prominent in the home so she knows I’m proud of it. But I do eventually throw them away. Before I do that however, I’ve photographed all her crafts and the best ones I keep in a photo album, and the remainder I keep in a digital folder so I can still see them whenever I want.

      To be honest with you, my daughter has gone through all the pictures more than I have! She enjoys remembering her work from when she was younger so we both appreciate having this collection! Good luck to you with your kid’s crafts! 🙂

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