Office Antics

I definitely do NOT miss any of the hijinks that would often occur when I worked in an office. See Exhibit A, the wonderful surprise I found in my desk drawer one day around Halloween time. I was not very happy about it.

Image Source: Me

I’ve been working from home for 14 months now. And it is lonely and alot more difficult to stay engaged with work. But at least nobody is messing with me.

I’m very paranoid and uptight, so antics like that aren’t my favorite. I start obsessing over WHO did it and WHY did they do it? Do they not like me? Am I being targeted?! Why are people in my desk drawers? What else could they be doing to me?! What’s next?! Etc etc.

But basically, I don’t like being messed with. Joke or not. It just annoys me. And there’s something about the office environment that makes adults feel like they can run around like unsupervised children. It’s ridiculous.

Do I sound uptight enough?

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