I Like Things to be Easy

That’s actually how I make alot of my decisions… What’s the easiest option? Then that’s the one I do. Lol. 😂

Soooo my daughter has a bunch of toys that she doesn’t play with at all. Some have never even been taken out of their packaging!

So instead of listing them all individually on My Facebook Marketplace groups, I actually list the whole batch and literally spell it out in my post… “Hey, I don’t want to deal with selling all these individually, so to keep it easy for me, I’m selling it all together at once for $$$.”

And I immediately get flooded with messages like “How much for the Descendants doll by itself?”. Do people on Facebook not know how to comprehend what they read!? (Lol don’t answer that).

Anyhow, a lady did message me saying she wanted the entire batch and she set a time and place to meet me TODAY. I agreed.

Then a second lady messaged me wanting the entire batch and I told her that if the first lady changed her mind, then I’ll let her know and she can buy next. She agreed.

At this point I’m feeling pretty good about my deal and I pack my car with all the items… Here’s a pic.

Photo: mine

And… right before I leave my house to meet her, the first lady messages me and says that she can’t find her debit card to withdraw the $$$ so she can longer meet me. She says she’ll have to order a new debit card and she doesn’t want me to miss out on a sale while waiting on that so it’s ok if I go ahead and sell to the next person.

So I reached out to the 2nd lady and told her that everything is ready for her to buy next, and I can SEE that she’s read my message several hours ago but no response at all so at this point I’ve been ghosted.


Needless to say, I’m kinda annoyed that I’m now stuck with a trunkful of toys and nowhere to take them. I guess I’ll take them to Goodwill before I unload them into my house again.

3 thoughts on “I Like Things to be Easy

  1. Yeah people don’t read things lol 🙄 signs, instructions, whatever. I have learned that myself. Just how it is – not just Facebook – that’s how people are lol

    That sucks! Pretty bad when you can’t find your debit card – sounds a little sketchy. And sorry the other lady never responded, that’s frustrating

    I like it easy too, that sounds like a hassle

    Our goodwill is not currently open to donations due to Covid… I have a ton of things to get rid of… and I don’t want to throw them away cause people can use them!! I can’t bring myself to throw it away if could help someone else .

    I don’t know when our goodwill will reopen for donations. But my stuff is piling up!!!

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  2. I had that problem in July when I was cleaning out stuff at my parent’s house and Goodwill was closed. I looked up some local shelters near my parents and they were still accepting stuff so I dropped off there. I also posted my own stuff on my neighborhood FB group and basically said “come and get it” and it was GONE. Good luck!

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