$1000 Declutter Challenge for 2023

So I posted about this declutter challenge last year too if this sounds familiar: $1000 Declutter Challenge for 2022. Basically, the goal of this challenge is to acquire at least $1000 by the end of the year, with only items you’ve decluttered from your home.

And I did pretty well with this challenge last year (at first), but then some life issues happened and completely distracted me from it. All in all, I collected $275 last year from decluttering, and I did all that by April. So I think I was on-track towards meeting the $1000 goal before I quit. Not too bad, right?

BUT, I love the idea of this declutter challenge and I totally want to try it again this year. It accomplishes two things that I love: 1) extra motivation to declutter, and 2) extra money! I’m planning to use the additional money I make on this challenge towards paying for my SiteGround/Wordpress subscription when it’s time to renew. Because that is NOT a fun bill to pay.

So what do you think? You all want to try the declutter challenge with me? We can race to see who gets to the $1000 goal first. If you’re like me, a good competition gives me extra edge.

I also have an update on that ridiculous treadmill that I’m still trying to get rid of. I first posted about this treadmill – and listed all my legitimate reasons why it needs to go away – in my original Declutter Challenge post from last year. But my family won’t cooperate, DESPITE not even using it. And for the record, it doesn’t even WORK anymore so they couldn’t use it if they tried.

I want to get rid of it so badly, that I won’t even try to sell it. I’d put it on the side of the street or even pay someone to come get it. That’s how much I want it gone.

Here it is from 1 year ago…

Declutter Challenge
Declutter Challenge

And here it is today…

Declutter Challenge
Declutter Challenge

Unfortunately, not much has changed except for the addition of even MORE CLUTTER. The existence of this treadmill in my home is making me crazy.

And to make matters even worse! My family brought home a friend for this treadmill a few months ago too. They also do not use this friend. I believe that its sole purpose in the home is to annoy me. It has succeeded…

Declutter Challenge
Declutter Challenge

Apparently, a neighbor was decluttering THEIR home last year and wanted to give away this exercise bike, pictured above. My husband accepted it, and brought it into our home. We don’t really have a decent place for it in the home, so yes, it is sitting in front of a doorway. And now the husband is attached to it, claiming that he MIGHT want to use it someday. But I know that he won’t. The likelihood of him using this exercise bike is about the same as the likelihood of him using the treadmill that doesn’t work.

Stuff like this is why I’m a looney-bird.

Anyhow, wish me luck everyone! I need all the help I can get to finally rid my home of this treadmill and it’s friend. And as you all can see in my photos above… there is alot of decluttering opportunity in my home. I can definitely use any extra $$$ I get from working on this declutter challenge.

Good luck to all of you trying this with me!

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4 Replies to “$1000 Declutter Challenge for 2023”

  1. Pepper this is such a good idea. When my wife sold her mom’s house a few years ago she earned some sweet coin by selling valuable items that had been cluttering the house, for years. Of course it all had to go anyway but still felt good. How prospering to let go stuff in your home, to get paid and to feel clutter-free. I love it.

    1. Thanks Ryan! The clutter-free feeling IS pretty fabulous. It feels like freedom. And the extra money is like the prize for actually making yourself do it. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

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